Kathryn Gardner







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I am a theatre maker, actor, producer and creative based in London.


From an actor in a variety of productions, I have grown into a creative with an extensive skill set in performance, writing and direction, alongside a more operational skillset. One of my greatest assets is the abilty to utilise both of these areas side by side in an immersive environment; maintaining narrative and holding character, whilst keeping the operational side of the show running. My current role with Secret Cinema is probably the best example of this, having run the VIP team in the last three productions, with teams up to 20 in size. In these shows I am both cast and head of operations in my department. Working alongside the director to direct exclusive narrative within my team, the operations department to manage audience flow, and directly with VIP guests,


This has also enabled me to grow my own theatre company where I write, produce, perform and on occasion, direct. This combination of both performance and operations is what has enabled me to excel with the companies I work for and with my own work.