Kathryn Gardner

Kathryn captured the tone of the piece brilliantly... with hilarious results! 

3 Weeks (Catchy)

Gardner was absolutely hilarious...  Luxembourg Times (The Great Gatsby)

She uses her powerful voice to sing so that the whole of China can hear her Jasmine!

– The Stage (Aladdin)

Kathryn's performance is so subtle, sweet and you find yourself really rooting for her 

Oxford Times (Treading Water)

My favourite and most memorable moment was waitress Hazel's 'Another Cup of Coffee' performed by Kathryn Gardner

- South London Press (Leaves on the line)

Kathryn Gardner was breath taking. A real joy to watch

– Times of Malta (The Great Gatsby)

Princess Jasmine is definitely a young lady with a mind of her own, a strong singing voice as well as an occasionally over-sharp tongue.

What's on Stage (Aladdin)

The problem inherent in portraying such complex characters as Gatsby is also true of the legendarily beautiful Daisy Buchanan, as whom at least one Hollywood figure notoriously flopped. Kathryn Gardner was much better than that as the woman who has 'been everywhere, seen everything and done everything' and her subtle performance avoided stereotyping. She was also a hilarious Lucille McKee, Myrtle's drunken friend.

Luxemborg Herald (The Great Gatsby)

The actors  play their parts so believably it feels like it’s a friend who is talking up on the stage. Camden New Journal (The Lonely Soldier Monologues)